how to make your body burn stored fat

How to MAKE your body burn stored fat

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Do you want to prime your body to burn as much fat as possible? Do you want to be in fat burning mode all the time? If you want to be a lean, mean, fat burning machine, stick around!

How to make your body burn fat for fuel

Keto advocates claim that if you eat more fat, you will burn more fat. “Eat fat to burn fat”, they say. This is absolutely true. If you want your body to use fat as a fuel source instead of carbs, eat more fat and less carbs. It really is that simple.

What does this actually mean though? Should we all be switching to keto? Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), this isn’t the secret to a shredded six pack. You see, many of the claims about high fat diets come from a place of misunderstanding.

When your body burns fat as a fuel source, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re increasing your fat loss. In fact, you may not be losing fat at all. The key here is a term called “fat flux”. Fat flux refers to how much fat we are taking in vs how much we are burning.


If we are burning more fat than we are eating, then we will lose body fat; however, if we are eating more fat than we are are burning, we will gain body fat. Yes, you can most certainly gain body fat while on a keto diet.

How to make your body burn stored fat

After finishing the previous section, you might have immediately concluded that the answer is to eat less fat, maybe even as little fat as possible. Nice try, but our bodies are smart. We can’t trick them that easily.

If we eat less fat, we will burn less fat. In addition to this, our bodies can actually create fat from carbs through a process known as De novo lipogenesis, so that wouldn’t work even if we reduced our fat intake as low as possible.

Aside from that, fat is an essential nutrient. If you consume too little fat, you may start to face health complications. For this reason, you shouldn’t eat less than 0.25 grams of fat per pound of body weight.

So if eating tons of fat isn’t the answer and eating no fat isn’t the answer, what is? If you’re a regular reader, you already know the answer. Say it with me: Eat fewer Calories. [1][2][3][4][5][6] There are a few different ways we can achieve this.

We can reduce either our carb intake or our fat intake. In most situations, it will make sense to take a moderate amount of Calories away from both carbs and fats rather than taking a large amount away from one or the other.

There you have it. If you eat fewer Calories, you will force your body to burn stored fat. At this point, you probably have several questions about how many Calories you need, what foods to eat, and how much of those foods to eat. If you’d like, you can click this big shiny button to get a free copy of my meal prep ebook:

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