Why Treadaway Training Will Transform Your Body

Treadaway Training is here for you, your goals, and your results. Our goal is for you to reach yours.

WARNING: If you're here for a quick fix or the easy way out, you're in the wrong place; however, if you're serious about your goals and want to get life-changing results with a cost-effective, time-effective, customized program, with a trainer who truly cares about your success, you've come to the right place. 

I highly recommend Treadaway training! I was able to lose 48 pounds in 4 months with his diet program and workout program. I was able to lose fat and gain muscle mass at the same time! Ryan is helping me reach goals of competing with/against him in a body building show next year. He has encouraged and pushed me to give my absolute best week in and out. I promise you can and will see results if you give him an opportunity to work with you!
— Bradley


Hi, my name is Ryan Treadaway. I've been a certified personal trainer since 2015. I'm also a certified Weight Management Specialist and a certified Online Trainer.

When I started college, I decided to start hitting up the gym, mostly just so I would have something to do between classes; however, I quickly fell in love with it. 

Unfortunately, like many others, I didn't really know what I was doing. My training and nutrition plan more-or-less consisted of whatever the latest fitness magazine told me to do, which led to a hurt shoulder. That, in combination with the no carb protocol that I read about in the above mentioned fitness magazine, led me back to square one. 

That is why I became a trainer. I want you to avoid the mistakes I've made. I've put in countless hours learning the correct ways to approach training and nutrition. I have a deeply rooted passion for helping others reach their goals without making the mistakes I did in the early days of my fitness journey. Your success is my ultimate goal.


I build unique workout programs designed around your goals, preferences, and time availability. We communicate on a weekly basis so that you are always making progress. I offer my services at a lower price of traditional personal training services while offering more than those same services. Are you ready to make your health and fitness dreams a reality? Apply for a free phone consultation by clicking the first button below or go directly to our training packages by clicking the second button. I'll see you on the other side!

I have always been a bigger guy and struggled with losing weight. A friend suggested I try Treadaway Training. After talking worth Ryan a few times I decided to sign up. I don’t regret that descion one bit. In the last three months of working with Ryan I have lost 40.8 pounds and have learned how to make smarter choices on the foods I eat. My experience so far has been a positive one. The coaching and motivation he gives is awesome. He is always super positive and very encouraging. If you’re looking for someone to help shed some pounds or just help you get your meal plans in order Ryan is your guy.
— Josh

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