We've worked with over 100 individuals. Here are just a few of their stories.

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Signing up with Treadaway Training has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve always enjoyed fitness but I’ve never been able to fully reach my goals Whether it be from misinformation or lack of knowledge. I would make some progress but ultimately stall and then end up where I started. I met Ryan at the gym and based on his friendly demeanor, positive attitude and extensive knowledge of fitness I decided I would sign up. I have learned more from using his program than I thought possible. I’ve been able to lose 20 lbs and 3.5 inches off my waist while getting stronger in all of my lifts. I am now accountable for my diet, can’t wait to get to the gym each day and feel better than I ever have. If you put in the effort Treadaway Training will change your life.
— Eric
I highly recommend Treadaway training! I was able to lose 48 pounds in 4 months with his diet program and workout program. I was able to lose fat and gain muscle mass at the same time! Ryan is helping me reach goals of competing with/against him in a body building show next year. He has encouraged and pushed me to give my absolute best week in and out. I promise you can and will see results if you give him an opportunity to work with you!
— Bradley
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One of the best decisions I’ve made is going with Treadaway Training. I’ve tried by myself many times and failed. I just didn’t know what to do. Ryan will help you with a nutrition and workout plan. I have lost 53 lbs in 6 months and feel great! Now I’m looking forward to building more rock hard muscle!
— Brent
I am excited to have lost 30 pounds in 4 months thanks to Treadaway Training. I always had an excuse that I was too busy. My husband and I work long hours every day and ate a lot of fast food. We didn’t have time to prepare healthy food, or so I thought. Through the help of Treadaway Training, I started working out and have accomplished a lot with his straight forward program. He has also taught me how to track my macros and we are eating much healthier. By following his program, I reached my weight loss goal and went from a size 6 to a size 2. Thanks Ryan!
— Vickie
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Before starting this program I had struggled to get a hold of my increasing weight gain. I thought I was eating healthy and moving around enough each day that I should be losing weight but I was not - little did I know those healthy things I was eating had ingredients I didn’t realize and I was also portioning incorrectly. This was a long process that I would time and time again give up on and go back to eating junk and feeling down about my lack of success. I have lost 27 pounds since signing up and looking back at my starting pictures is almost shocking. Since starting this program, Ryan has helped me figure out appropriate portion sizes and how easily guessing on foods and portions can really slow you down. I’ve gained confidence, strength, and motivation that I’m very thankful for and would not have been able to achieve without Treadaway Training.
— Jessica
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My wife and I had tried for a couple years to get control of our weight gain and fitness on our own. We would try different things we saw in articles or heard from friends and would be frustrated within a few weeks. We just got to the point where we knew we needed help. I heard through a friend about Treadaway Training and gave him a call for a consultation. Through describing our problems and hearing what he could provide we decided to jump on board. Through his approach and online help, we have learned how to manage our diet and, with only 3 days of training a week, we have seen some pretty drastic results in just a couple months. I have lost about 12 lbs and have noticed a big difference between my photos two months ago and the ones for now. A big thank you to Ryan and the encouragement and work he has put into our training.
— Chuck
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Before I started this program I was pushing 240lbs. And I hadn’t weighed less than 200 in a decade. I constantly worried about my health, but all the efforts I made to change my behavior ended in failure. This program helped me in so many ways by offering accountability, support, and most of all, nutritional education. This isn’t a gimmick or a fad diet. It’s straightforward science, and it works. Today I’m 40 lbs lighter and looking forward to a long healthy life.
— Jonathan
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Since signing up with Treadaway Training, I have lost a total of 18 pounds. With Ryan’s help, I have not only reached my goal weight but have lost below my goal weight so that if I fluctuate a few pounds, I can still maintain my goal weight. My clothes fit so much better! Through Ryan’s personalized workout plan, I have gained muscle strength and feel stronger physically than I have in years. I am so thankful for the support and guidance of Treadaway Training in helping me to achieve my goal!
— Pam
With the help of Ryan and Treadaway Training, I have lost over 70lbs and multiple inches. The workouts and diet plans he has made for me are so easy to follow and convenient! All my workout programs and check-ins are done online when it’s best for me! That goes a long way! I think having someone to turn to with questions and support and to hold me accountable is what has helped me the most! This was my first experience with a personal trainer and it really has made all the difference! I highly recommend Treadaway training for your fitness and health goals!
— Leah
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Before I became a member of Treadaway Training I was an occasional dieter. I would cut out carbs and lose weight for special occasions or vacations, then gain it all back when I started eating carbs again. I would get very frustrated when the weight returned. The older I got the harder it became to drop a few pounds, even when I would cut out carbs. This was an eye opener for me, the thing that had always worked for me wasn’t working anymore. (even if the weight loss was temporary, I would get some satisfaction from it)
Ryan helped me understand a lot about nutrition and exercise during the three months I was a member. I was able to ask questions about food and protein and he never made me feel inferior. It was all very new to me, I’ve never counted calories or weighed food, but now I do. I have lost 24 pounds in 3 months and continue to maintain my new weight. I have also toned up and that was a bonus, I just wanted to lose the weight. I But I have also added some muscle, nothing bulky, it just doesn’t shake like it use to. I am much happier with myself and I pay much closer attention to what I eat now, before I ate whatever I felt like because there was no motivation there, but now I’m motivated to keep the weight off, so I’m making better choices.
— Sherry
My name is Shelia Thomas and I joined the Treadaway Training team July 2, 2018. In seven short weeks, I have lost almost 15 lbs and 5 1/4” in my waist. Prior to joining I had no energy or stamina due to Chemo treatments. I slept a lot and couldn’t even clean my house. However, now I can do anything I want; I’m canning, cleaning my house, and enjoying life again. Join Treadaway Training for a NEW YOU!!!
— Shelia
I have always been a bigger guy and struggled with losing weight. A friend suggested I try Treadaway Training. After talking worth Ryan a few times I decided to sign up. I don’t regret that decision one bit. In the last three months of working with Ryan, I have lost 40.8 pounds and have learned how to make smarter choices on the foods I eat. My experience so far has been a positive one. The coaching and motivation he gives are awesome. He is always super positive and very encouraging. If you’re looking for someone to help shed some pounds or just help you get your meal plans in order Ryan is your guy.
— Josh
I began online training with Ryan in January of 2019 and lost 25 lbs by March 1. I did the workouts he wrote for me and I ate and met the calorie target he suggested for me. Never did he tell me I couldn’t eat this or that. I am now to the point that I feel comfortable working out on my own after 3 months of training with Ryan. I would totally recommend Ryan and his training. He was great throughout the entire process.
— Jesse
I have lost a total of 28lbs in the past two months with the help of Treadaway Training. Anytime I need anything I can give him a text and get an answer almost immediately on anything from workouts to supplements. I have had fun doing this and highly recommend Treadaway Training for anyone who is looking to change or lose some weight!
— Marty
Before I found Ryan with Treadaway training, I was struggling to lose any weight. I felt like I was doing all the right things with eating and exercising and the scale would never move. It got so depressing because I was trying so hard to lose and never felt like I knew what to eat. Or I had to cut everything I loved out which will make you fail in itself. It’s like when you cant have something, that’s when you want it the most. I always felt like I was failing since the scale stayed the same no matter what I did.
I decided to reach out to Ryan for guidance so he could hopefully help me to start losing this unwanted weight. Ryan NEVER ONCE told me I COULD NOT have something. He told me if I want something to eat it, just have to learn about the more calorie dense foods and maybe choose better ones. Since I was able to work with Ryan for only a short two months I was able to lose 20 pounds. Life has been so much better. I now want to be active where before I didn’t. I am also learning to run 5ks.
Thank you so much, Ryan, for being a good friend and coach to help me.
— Kayla
Ryan made diet & exercise easy for my lifestyle. Between work, school, kids, and life my time for exercise was limited. He gave me home workouts and a meal structure that was sensible to follow. I lost 10lbs in just a few weeks with his program. Would recommend him to anyone!
— Beth
Treadaway training helped me feel more confident by independently working out in a gym. I no longer felt limited to not knowing enough about the equipment or certain exercises.
The simple to access training videos were perfect. I was able to use them for quick workouts during lunch or more extended workouts. Even during the short time that I was part of the challenge I had good results. Thanks to their help and encouragement I have a more solidified understanding of the simplicity of healthy eating and exercise combination that isn’t some crazy gimmick or a quick fix. It’s something that anyone at any point of their journey can incorporate. Highly recommend!
— Megan
Before finding Treadaway Training, I was disgusted with myself. I weighed entirely too much, my energy was at an all-time low and my health was rapidly declining.
I didn’t want to get out of bed and I stayed in my pajamas most days. I was taking a huge amount of insulin to control my diabetes.

Since finding Treadaway training, I have lost both pounds and inches. I look forward to working out and have learned so much about nutrition.

Ryan is very motivating and I am finally sticking to an exercise program.

I still have a long way to go, but for the first time I have hope and am confident that, with Treadaway training, I can meet my goals.
— Cherri
I have had back surgery and I have a lot of back issues. I also have thyroid problems. I really struggle to lose weight. It is hard for me because there are so many exercises that I can’t do. Luckily I tried Treadaway Training’s free challenge. Ryan worked with me one on one to find exercises I could do. He found ways to change things up to suit me. The way different foods are put together in a meal really make all the difference. It’s all about balance. Treadaway Training can teach you that. Not only can you lose weight and inches but you can keep it off. The best part is that you don’t have to do without food to lose. You even get to eat ice cream! I lost 8 pounds in 6 weeks. If you think that doesn’t sound like a lot well it is when you have thyroid problems. It’s a big deal! It’s exciting! So if you need to shape up and lose weight I highly recommend Treadaway Training. It’s never too late to get started. You can lose weight at any age. I have tried a lot of different diets and none of them sticks. Treadaway Training changed my life. Let it change yours too.
— Jackie
Before working with Treadaway Training, I would “diet” and go to the gym occasionally. I was frustrated that these “diets” never worked and when I did go to the gym, I felt unsure of what to do while I was there. I was tired of doing the same things with little to no results. After starting with Treadaway Training, I quickly realized just how many calories I had been eating without even realizing it. The customized workout plans made going to the gym easier because I knew what I needed to do for the day before I arrived. Having to be accountable made me more committed to making healthy decisions. I also love having the continuous support and advice!
— Kaci
I work generally 48-56 hrs a week that are 12 hr shifts at night in the hospital. Pair this with taking several college courses, and I believe it is needless to say that my schedule is fairly tight. I was tired of sacrificing the health of my body and living with a physique that did not appeal to me, so I solicited the services of my good friend whom I know to be very knowledgeable in personal training and dieting theories. In the few months that I have been a member of Treadaway Training, I have been more than pleased with the time and dedication that is personalized to my individual plan. The price is very reasonable for the depth of service provided in multiple areas, plus as I mentioned prior; the plan is tailored to your individual goals and needs, as well as very flexible. I would recommend Treadaway Training to anyone who has fitness goals that for whatever reason aren’t being met on their efforts alone.
— Parker
Thanks to Treadaway Training, I was able to lose 20 pounds in only 2 months. His service is on the cutting edge of what personal training should be. You get way more than what you pay for. Everything was personalized 100% to me and there’s even a Treadaway Training app where I can record all my workouts and see demonstration videos for every exercise.
— Ryan