Face-to-face training for even more accountability!

Face-to-face training is available exclusively to members of DeKalb MD gym. If you are not a member of DeKalb MD, you can click the first button to join or you can click the second button to see online training packages.

Completely customized training and nutrition so you can achieve results like these! Get results or get your money back!

Bradley lost 48 pounds in 4 months!


Brent lost 53 pounds in 6 months!

before and after - front - 2-23-19.png
before and after - side - 2-23-19.png
before and after - back - 2-23-19.png

Vickie lost 20 pounds in under 3 months!


Disclaimer: The results shown are individual results. Your own results will depend on your own work ethic and willingness to stick to the plan.

  • Lose fat and gain muscle so you feel confident when you look in the mirror!

  • Not only do we teach you how to lose weight, we teach you how to keep the weight off!

  • Work one-on-one with Ryan to know without a doubt, you're performing each exercise safely and effectively.

  • Most importantly, we take your preferences and our scientific knowledge to create a plan that is both effective AND enjoyable!

  • Get the experience of a coach who has worked with over 100 individuals!

  • With Treadaway Training, your training and nutrition will progress as you progress so that you never stop progressing.

  • If your goals change, your workout and nutrition will change accordingly!

When Bradley came to me, he was going through a rough patch in his career. He was stress-eating to cope with it, and he had gained 25 pounds. During his time working with me, not only did he lose the 25 pounds he had gained, he went on to lose another 23 pounds for a total of 48 pounds in only 4 months! In the process, he regained the confidence that he once had and was finally happy when he looked in the mirror.


  • As a member, we will teach you how to incorporate your favorite foods into your diet so you can make progress without feeling deprived.

  • As a member, you will have access to the Treadaway Training app on Android and iOS devices. This gives you one place to track everything! The app is also connected to the member's section of the website.

  • Demonstration videos are provided inside the member's app so that you are never confused about how to perform an exercise, even when Ryan isn't with you!

  • Progress photos can be taken within the app or pulled from your photo gallery to keep you motivated as you see your body transforming.

  • You can view graphs within the app for a visual representation of your progress for both body weight and weight lifted.

  • We provide you with the information to learn everything you would ever need to know and break it down into a baby steps approach so it's easy to understand.

Before finding Treadaway Training, I was disgusted with myself. I weighed entirely too much, my energy was at an all-time low and my health was rapidly declining. I didn’t want to get out of bed and I stayed in my pajamas most days. I was taking a huge amount of insulin to control my diabetes.

Since finding Treadaway training, I have lost both pounds and inches. I look forward to working out and have learned so much about nutrition. Ryan is very motivating and I am finally sticking to an exercise program.

I still have a long way to go, but for the first time I have hope and am confident that, with Treadaway training, I can meet my goals. -Cherri

In four weeks time, you could be a few pounds heavier than you are now OR you could be 10 pounds lighter and much happier with your appearance. No gimmicks. Just results. 




($189/month subscription. Couple pricing available.)

The Reach Your Goals face-to-face membership is for those who are tired of setting goals only to fall short. If you really want to smash your goals this time and have the accountability and support of a coach who has done this for others, this program is for you. Most importantly, this package includes a weekly training session for maximum guidance and accountability!

  • Workout program 100% customized to you and your goals

  • Access to our personal training membership app with all workouts in the app

  • In-app exercise video demonstrations and tracking tools

  • 100% Customized nutrition targets

  • Lessons on how to hit your nutritional targets.

  • Audio messages explaining each new workout program in detail

  • 100% Customized supplement recommendations

  • Weekly face-to-face training session

  • Weekly in-app communication to boost accountability and discuss possible program changes(extra communication when getting started)

  • Our Training and Nutrition blueprints

  • $10/month off DeKalb MD membership

  • Progress shout outs

  • Treadaway Training T-Shirt

  • 1 month money-back guarantee

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($349/month subscription. Couple pricing available.)

The Chase Your Dreams membership is for those who refuses to lose in their pursuit of their dream body and best possible health. This person wants the deepest and most effective coaching experience available. Most importantly, this package includes a weekly training session for maximum guidance and accountability!

ALL of level 2 plus:

  • 1 additional session per week (2 total sessions/week)

    • (More sessions can be added. Rates will vary.)

  • Sleep habit coaching

  • Available for daily in-app communication (Mon-Fri: 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

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