Welcome to Treadaway Training everyone! I'm humbled that you've taken the time to visit my website. As I mentioned in my bio, I made the decision to become an online personal trainer for multiple reasons. I won't retell the whole story here, but the main reason I wanted to become an online trainer is because I am passionate about fitness. I am also passionate about sharing what I've learned over the years with you so that you can get on the right track to achieving your goals too. There is a lot of misleading and/or contradictory information out there. If you're anything like me, you've taken all kinds of advice from magazine articles, YouTube videos, and "that big guy at the gym."

Now, before I start hating, let me explain. The information you obtained might not necessarily have been bad in general. The problem is, specific information applies to specific situations. The information you received MIGHT have been good information when applied correctly. But when you take that piece of info and use it as a concept then you get into a big mess. Let me give an easy-to-visualize example. I eat steak with a fork and knife. I would argue that there's no better way to eat a steak and because I eat my steak this way, I declare that because the fork and knife are, above all, the best eating utensils, all other eating utensils are inferior, and all food should be eaten with a fork and knife. Good luck eating soup. Now of course, that obviously wouldn't happen in real life but that's what happens in the fitness industry. People will discover one snippet of information, generalize it, and use it as a concept instead of something specific. There's no context. Yes the fork and knife are best for a steak but that doesn't mean it's the best for soup, cereal, or ice cream.

What can I expect from this website?

My goal is to bring you as much information as possible. But more importantly, I want to bring you solid, scientifically sound information that has the appropriate context needed. I hope to do this in such a way that it will be fun for you to learn about. I will do this via future blog posts, podcasts, and vlogs. I will release content on a regular basis but the format in which it is released will depend on the length and complexity of the topic covered. 

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