How to know if your weight loss program SUCKS

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I’m going to cut straight to the chase on this one. Forget all of the controversy. Forget carbs vs fats. Forget clean foods vs dirty foods. Forget high reps vs low reps. If you want to know if your weight loss program is good or bad, ask yourself these four simple questions:

  1. Am I eating fewer Calories than I burn? (Click for a Calorie calculator)

  2. Am I eating enough protein? (0.8 - 1.3 grams of protein per pound of body weight)

  3. Am I lifting weights at least twice per week?

  4. (Most importantly) Can I stick to this program for as long as it takes to hit my goal?

People LOVE to argue about the specifics of dieting. In reality, there are very few set rules about achieving the look you desire and I’ve already outlined them for you above. Sure there are lots of details you can play with to try to find the most optimal approach, but your primary job is to find the approach that helps you best stick to the plan long-term.


For some, the best dieting strategy might be six small meals per day. For others, it might be intermittent fasting. For most, it’s probably somewhere in the middle. There’s nothing wrong with any of those strategies if you’re sticking to a lowered Calorie intake and if you can stick to that plan easily.

Similarly, some people will prefer to follow a keto diet. Others may prefer a high carb diet. Still others may prefer a middle-of-the-road approach with moderate carbs and moderate fats. Again, there’s nothing wrong with any of those strategies if you’re sticking to a lowered Calorie intake and if you can stick to that plan easily.

This equally applies to your workouts. Some people may prefer a couple of long workouts per week. Others may prefer short daily workouts. Some may prefer three or four moderate length workouts. If the total amount of work is the same, you’re going to get similar results. The main consideration is which approach helps you best stick to and enjoy the program.

One of my main goals when working with clients is to start them off on a program that they will enjoy. If you enjoy the program, you’ll stick to the plan and get better results. Check out this message I just received from one of my clients.

kaci kirk 4-3-19.PNG

If your attitude toward your diet and exercise program is like this, and you followed the points I laid out above, then your program definitely doesn’t suck.

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