Not losing weight on a diet? It might be a good thing.

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You’ve been dieting and training hard, yet the scale refuses to budge. Sound familiar? I know it can be very frustrating and discouraging, but what if I told you it might be a good thing? Allow me to explain.

Fat Loss VS Weight Loss

There are more factors that go into the weight we see on the scale than just body fat. There’s also muscles, ligaments, and tendons, just to name a few. All of the things I just mentioned will be growing when starting a workout program, especially muscle mass. As they grow, they become heavier.


The weight loss you will see on the scale is actually body fat loss minus lean body mass gain. The scale might not be moving because you’re putting on lean body mass as fast as you’re losing fat. In other words, your situation may be the best case scenario.

To be sure, you’ll need to take a waist measurement each week to see if your waist is getting smaller. If your waist is getting smaller, you can be certain you’re losing fat.

Why track body weight?

After what I just said, you may be wondering why we even track body weight at all. Why not just stick with the waist measurement only?

We carry body fat all over our bodies, not just in the stomach. In other words, the waist measurement also doesn’t tell the whole story. For best results, use a combination of body weight, waist measurements, and progress pictures.

Click here to learn how and when to do each of these.

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