Is Eating Healthy Expensive?

One of the biggest complaints I hear about changing nutrition habits is, "Eating healthy is too expensive." Is it though? Lets look at a few comparisons. (Prices based on what I last saw at Walmart 10/13/17. I also did all the math for you because I'm a nice guy.)

Big Mac

This is going to be the meal we use to compare our other options to.

Price per serving: $5.99

Chicken, Rice, and Broccoli

Chicken: $0.62 per 4oz serving
Jasmine Rice: $0.16 per 1/2 cup serving
Broccoli Florets: $0.25 per 1 cup serving

Total: $1.03 per serving

Santa Fe Soup

2 Pounds 90/10 Beef: $9.04
1 Can Pinto Beans: $0.72
1 Can Great Northern Beans: $0.72
1 Can Black Beans: $0.72
2 Cans Shoepeg Corn: $2.68
1 Can Beef Broth: $0.50
1 Packet Taco Seasoning: $0.44
1 Packet Hidden Valley Ranch Mix: $1.14

Total: $1.12 per 300g serving (approximately one cereal bowl full)

Taco Salad

Lettuce: $0.25 per 1/4 head
90/10 lean beef: $1.13 per 4oz serving ($0.81 per 4oz serving if you use 93/7 ground turkey)
corn: $0.14 per 125g serving
Fat Free Shredded Cheese: $0.54 per 1oz serving

Total: $2.06 per serving ($1.74 if you use 93/7 ground turkey)

Those are just three examples. I could go on and on naming cheap, high-quality meals. I could name several meals that are cheaper than the taco salad I have listed above, but I love taco salad so I put it in the list. The point is, it is NOT expensive to eat healthy. Yes you could argue a McChicken is $1 but you are getting much less food with that one McChicken than with the meals I've listed here.

That's all for this week guys. This was a short article but I hear this argument a lot and wanted to quickly address it. Thanks for reading. As always, God bless you AND your family and I'll see you next week!