How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Thanksgiving is just a couple days away, and for most people, that means your pants may be a little tighter on Monday. But, fear not! That doesn't have to be you. I am going to share some strategies with you to avoid the all-too-common Holiday weight gain. 

Plan Your Week Around Events.

This goes for any event, not just Holidays. If you have an event that entails lots of tasty foods, an easy solution is to eat less on the surrounding days so that you can eat more on the day of your event. If you have experience counting Calories, you can read about this strategy in greater detail here. NOTE: If you are estimating Calories for a dish you didn't prepare, find a similar entry in your Calorie tracking app and add a 25% Calorie buffer to make sure you aren't underestimating your Calories.

Green Things.

Take a look at this graphic from last week's article:

Carb Pyramid v2.png

As you move down the pyramid, foods become more fibrous, more filling, and less Calorie dense. Adding more vegetables, especially green vegetables, to your plate will satisfy you faster and help keep added inches off your waist. 

Protein Power.

Like fiber, protein also has a satiating effect. Eating more protein will help you to feel full faster so you don't feel like you had to skimp during a Holiday meal with your family. Protein is also important for sparing muscle while dieting. When dieting, we obviously want our weight loss to come from fat, not muscle. 

Drink More.

One underutilized tactic for feeling full faster is drinking diet carbonated beverages. The carbonation will help to stretch the stomach, which slows the production of a hormone named Ghrelin, which in turn tells your brain that you are full. 

Know When To Stop

This tip is more common sense than anything. Just don't gorge yourself. Take your time eating and stop when you're full. That way, when you're laying on the couch later, you won't be regretting everything you just ate.

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Thank you so much for reading. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Even when times are tough, I hope you all remember to count your blessings and are thankful for all that you have. I will be back next week with another fat loss topic. As always, God bless you AND your family and I'll see you next time.