how much exercise to burn off chips

How Long it Takes to Burn Off Your Favorite Foods

Have you ever said something to the effect of, "I'll eat this now and work it off later"? Let's take a look at how much activity it would actually take to work off some of your favorite foods. You might change your mind about saying that next time.

For the following foods, I list how long it would take to burn them off based on walking, jogging, or running for both a 191 pound individual (the average sized man in America) and a 159 pound individual (the average sized woman in America).


2 Slices of Pizza: 600 Calories
At 191 pounds:

  • Walking: 157 minutes

  • Jogging: 70 minutes

  • Running: 45 minutes

At 159 pounds:

  • Walking: 189 minutes

  • Jogging: 84 minutes

  • Running: 54 minutes


2 Ounces of Chips: 320 Calories

At 191 pounds:

  • Walking: 84 minutes

  • Jogging: 37 minutes

  • Running: 24 minutes

At 159 pounds:

  • Walking: 101 minutes

  • Jogging: 45 minutes

  • Running: 29 minutes


20 Fluid Ounce Soft Drink: 240 Calories

At 191 pounds:

  • Walking: 63 minutes

  • Jogging: 28 minutes

  • Running: 18 minutes

At 159 pounds:

  • Walking: 75 minutes

  • Jogging: 33 minutes

  • Running: 22 minutes


3 Pieces of Thick Cut Bacon: 270 Calories

At 191 pounds:

  • Walking: 71 minutes

  • Jogging: 31 minutes

  • Running: 20 minutes

At 159 pounds:

  • Walking: 85 minutes

  • Jogging: 38 minutes

  • Running: 24 minutes


Chocolate Cream Filled Donut: 350 Calories

At 191 pounds:

  • Walking: 92 minutes

  • Jogging: 41 minutes

  • Running: 26 minutes

At 159 pounds:

  • Walking: 110 minutes

  • Jogging: 49 minutes

  • Running: 31 minutes


1 Cup of Vanilla Ice Cream: 300 Calories

At 191 pounds:

  • Walking: 79 minutes

  • Jogging: 35 minutes

  • Running: 22 minutes

At 159 pounds:

  • Walking: 94 minutes

  • Jogging: 42 minutes

  • Running: 27 minutes

burger and fries.png

Burger and Fries: 870 Calories

At 191 pounds:

  • Walking: 228 minutes

  • Jogging: 101 minutes

  • Running: 65 minutes

At 159 pounds:

  • Walking: 273 minutes

  • Jogging: 121 minutes

  • Running: 78 minutes

As if walking for over four and a half hours to burn off a burger and fries wasn't enough, there's one more factor you must consider if you plan to do this. If you do this much cardio, you will be less active and burn less Calories the rest of the day without realizing it. This means you would actually have to do more cardio than what is listed above to ensure you actually burn off all of that food item.

I will leave you with something I said in my YouTube video this week. Remember to always keep the goal the goal. Your goal isn't (or shouldn't) be to eat as much as possible while still making some progress. Your goal is to get the best results possible.

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