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The First Step For Getting Fit... Just Do It!

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Procrastination by overpreperation is a problem that prevents far too many people from reaching their fitness goals (as well as any other goals). I used to struggle with this myself and still do from time-to-time.

Most of you probably don’t know this, but I started working on Treadaway Training over a year before I actually announced it. Let me take a moment to share what I’ve learned since that time.


Fun Fact: I actually announced the founding of Treadaway Training by accident. I wrote a blog post for the announcement and accidentally posted the blog to Facebook while playing with the social media settings on the website. By the time I realized it, the post had already been liked and shared several times. The cat was out of the bag, but I was actually relieved.

I will let you in on one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned since that accidental announcement. Never wait until you’re ready to make a change. You will NEVER be ready. There will always be “just one more thing” that needs to be done before you can start going after that big goal of yours.

You don’t need to find the “perfect diet” before you can start losing weight. You don’t need to find the “perfect workout program” before you can start putting on muscle. If you’re trying to do this, you will never make a change. Just start! (Click to Tweet this.)

Decide today that you’re going to do one thing that gets you closer to your goal. Go to the gym on the way home from work and workout or go to Walmart and buy some dumbbells to use when you get home. Go to the grocery store and buy some chicken breasts to put on the grill tonight.

I won’t let you use the excuse of “I don’t know what to do” either, because I’m not going to let you leave without knowing what to do! Below are three links. The first link is to my meal prep eBook. The second link is to my workout planning eBook. Both of these are free. If you want one-on-one help, click the third button and schedule a call with me at no charge. Lastly, if you take a step toward your goal this week, I want you to let me know what that step is!

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