spot reduction

The Truth About Spot Reduction

Do you want to Tone that tummy? Maybe you want to melt that leg fat. Countless people have tried to spot reduce fat with no results. The fat just wouldn't go away, much like this myth. What is the truth?

You have been lied to.

Let me ask you a question. What are commercials designed to do? They're meant to sell you a product, of course. Unfortunately, many companies don't care if their product is actually effective or not. They just want to sell their product and get your money but it isn't quite fair for me to call into question the integrity of all companies wanting to sell you such products. They may not be intentionally misleading you. It could be that they just haven't done any research on spot reduction and are unaware they are selling you ineffective products (which isn't much better). They tell you to "feel the burn". It burns, therefore it is burning fat, right?

The truth

Muscles contract. Muscles "burn". When we "feel the burn", that is not fat burning. It is simply localized muscle fatigue. I believe that most of you reading this are pretty smart cookies. Most of you know that muscles burn, not fat; however, somewhere along the way, you chose to forget this because you wanted the commercials to be true. You wanted a quick solution. In reality, the myth of spot reduction was disproved many years ago. If it was disproved, why is this myth so prevalent. It's simple. We are human. Our brains are instinctively programmed to take the path of least resistance. We want to do things the most efficient way possible. We want to believe the commercials are true because we want to get our dream bodies with the least amount of work possible. 

Unfortunately, there's only one way to reduce fat in our "trouble areas" and that is to expend more Calories than we consume over the course of weeks/months in order to reduce overall body-fat stores. The truth is not sexy and you can't sell it on a late night infomercial. In reality, you must put forth some effort and for this reason, people choose to ignore the truth and sell their ab blaster 47,000. 

I'm here to help!

Want the good news? I'm here to help! I don't sell crazy too-good-to-be-true gadgets. My job is to design you the most efficient and enjoyable program in order to help you actually meet your specific goals. Want the even better news? It is a lot more affordable than buying some crazy machine for 6 easy payments of $199.99. For more details simply click this big ol' button.

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