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Signs of progress that AREN'T the number on the scale

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Tell me if this has happened to you before. You’re following your weight loss plan perfectly. You’re hitting your Calorie target. You’re getting enough protein and fiber. You’re completing every workout on the list. You step on the scale and… nothing. What now?

The first thing to know about weight loss is that it isn’t consistent. There are stops, starts, ups, and downs along the way. There are too many variables that go into body weight for us to rely on the scale alone to track our progress. Here are seven signs of progress that aren’t the number on the scale.

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Examples from some of my current clients

Examples from some of my current clients

1) Your waist measurement drops.


Your waist measurement is one of the most reliable ways to track progress. I have all my clients tracking their waist measurement. Regardless of whether the scale is going up, down, or staying the same, if your waist measurement is going down, you’re losing fat.

2) You look better in pictures.


This goes for both progress pictures and selfies with your friends. Our bodies store fat pretty much everywhere, including places we don’t commonly measure such as the face, neck, ankles, and even fingers. You may start to notice you’ve lost some fat, even if the scale isn’t moving.


3) Your clothes fit better.


One of the best progress tracking tools you have is already in your closet. No, I don’t mean that crappy electronic body fat checker. I mean your clothes! When your clothes fit better, you immediately know it and there’s a special feeling you get from it that no other progress tracking tool can give you.

4) You don’t get as winded climbing up stairs.


When you have a heavier body, it requires more energy for you to get from point A to point B, especially if point A is the bottom of a long flight of stairs and point B is the top. When you climb those stairs without panting at the top for the first time, it’s going to feel pretty darn good, literally.

5) It’s easier to tie your shoes.


When you’re heavy, everything is harder, including simple things like tying your shoes. I know what it’s like for it to hurt to bend over and put my shoes on. It’s a pretty magical moment when you realize you no longer have to hold your breath when lacing up in the morning.

6) You feel more energized.


As I already mentioned, when you have a heavier body, it requires more effort to do everything. This means you’re going to be tired a lot. When you start making it to the end of the day without being entirely exhausted, it can be even more rewarding than a tick on the scale.

7) You receive compliments from friends.


Remember, just because you don’t see any changes in yourself, doesn’t mean other people aren’t seeing them. When people compliment you on looking better, pat yourself on the back and feel good, knowing everything is in fact going according to plan.

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